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Is it Time to Rebrand your business?

A Selection of Logo Designs by Ovy Design

On average most companies will look to reboot their brand every 7 to 10 years. The changes may be very subtle, just an updating exercise or they could be a complete image overhaul but most likely it'll be somewhere in between.

Rebranding offers businesses new marketing opportunities, a chance to reposition themselves in the market and to appear modern and relevant.

Newer businesses often want to rebrand quite quickly. When starting a company owners are very aware of financial constraints and a close eye is kept on the budget. As a result the 'brand' can grow in a haphazard way. The logo will probably be off the peg and generic, bought from a cheap internet site. There may not be any particular colour palette or coherent marketing strategy and rarely any brand guidelines.

Quote from Kelly at Go Bake

When a company like this becomes a bit more established a rebrand can often pay big dividends. Consistency across marketing outlets and social media promotes a professional image which engenders feelings of trust amongst customers.

Brand health check dog

If you are interested in a rebrand you may want to have a look at our Free Brand Health Check download where you will find some useful tips and guidance on how to reevaluate your brand and decide whether you are getting the most from it.

Even the most successful companies will regularly refresh their brand. As I have previously mentioned the changes are mostly small but they allow the brand to slowly evolve. It retains its integrity, remains very identifiable and has a modern contemporary feel.

Of course there are times when a complete brand overhaul is necessary. Your logo and colour palette may look very outdated and a tired looking brand can give the impression a business is also out of breath.

It is often the case that the company has changed a lot since it first started and its branding no longer reflects the business and isn't social media friendly. This is would be the perfect time for a revamp. A brand new logo and image can really get things moving again.

To find out more about logo design why not look at our blog on the subject What Makes a Good Logo?Also you can find our Logo's and Branding page here for a step by step guide to the development of a logo, as well as seeing a selection of logos designed by us at Ovy Design.

It is a big step for a company to take and it is important to get it right. Even large multinational companies have managed to get it spectacularly wrong. In 2010 Gap unveiled a new logo to much fanfare only for it to prove so unpopular that they were forced to revert back to their old logo after only four days. Pepsi and Aol have had similar experiences.

Example of how Gap reverted to original logo

To avoid these pitfalls it is vital that you choose an empathetic design team who are willing to really get to know your business and understand your market. Rebranding is a collaborative exercise which will inevitably develop during the process. So you need to work with responsive and creative people.

Rebranding needn't be a daunting prospect. With the help of the right people it can be one of the most exciting and commercially rewarding things you can do. A chance to galvanise your business and present it in a bright and positive light.

If this sounds like something which would benefit your business get in touch we're sure we can make a difference!

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Download our FREE Brand Health Check Fact Sheet to help you evaluate your logo & branding.

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