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Have a browse through our gallery of our logo work then see how the process works below.


how it works

This is how a logo evolves....

Whether you’re starting from scratch, changing direction, or simply looking to refresh and renew an existing brand design, we can help launch ambitious start-ups towards their goals or take established brands to new heights.

Your brand gives your customer a gut feeling, a confidence in your business and your logo is the jewel in the crown of a strong brand identity.

Your brand is not a logo or a business card, a website or a brochure. It’s about so much more than a logo, fonts and colour palette, it’s about capturing the essence and personality of your business.


Ovy ensure you communicate your brand values, tell your story and engage audiences.


Consistency is the most important factor in establishing a successful brand. Your brand needs to be rolled out and constantly reinforced to every point of contact, from your website to printed collateral.

Ovy will create a consistent brand identity that will unify your company’s position, promise and personality, so that your customers engage emotionally with all your products and services.

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